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Which Envelope Size Should I Use For My Card?

22 June 2021  |  Nicki

What size Envelope Should i Choose?


Prior to working in this industry, I had very little experience with paper, card, or envelopes, When it comes to card crafting, I had no idea how many options I would have since the shop bought card and envelopes are already put together for you when you go to purchase them. As a result, when we come to create our own cards, it's easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices we face. I've made a lot of cards in the past, but I usually forget about the envelope and scramble to get one at the last minute, or I don't know where to start looking for the right size one because it's always slipped my mind.  It's always best to start with your card size and then go from there. When researching sizes especially for me when I was a beginner to crafting and card making, it wasn't always as straightforward as we believe or we can't seem to locate all the information we need in one place. So I decided to put together a simple table with all the information you may need when it comes to picking your sizes.

The sizing chart below is based on sizes currently available on our website. So start with your card size whether it be a single sheet or pre-creased then pick your size envelope, and if you're manufacturing cards to sell, we supply the clear protective sleeves. whether it be re-seal, Plain flaps, or Euro Hangers bags we have a great range which are shown on the chart below.  If you wish to know more about the cello bags then keep reading below.

What Size Envelope Should I Choose?
Card Size Envelope Size Cello Bag Size
A7 = 74 x 105mm C7 = 82 x 114mm 87 x 113mm

A6=105 x 148mm

102 x 152mm

C6 114 x 162mm 120 x 162mm
A5=105 x 210mm C5=162 x229mm 167 x 230mm

99 x 210mm

105 x 210mm

DL= 110 x 220mm 116 x 220mm
122 x 122mm 130 x 130mm 135 x 131mm
115 x 168mm 125 x 175mm 130 x 175mm
97 x 97mm 105 x 105mm 110 x 105mm

125 x 176mm

5 x 7=127 x 178mm

133 x 184mm 137 x 190mm
133 x 133mm 140 x 140mm 145 x 145mm
148 x 148mm 155 x 155mm 159 x 155mm
A4=210x297                  C4= 324 x 229mm 240 x 324mm

Gummed or Peel and Seal Envelopes?

Peel and Seal: The most secure technique to seal an envelope is with Peel & Seal envelopes, also known as Peel & Stick, Super Seal, and Strip Seal. These envelopes have a longer shelf life, and the improved sealing application acts as a tamper-proof security feature. These envelopes are a popular and simple alternative to traditional envelopes because they don't require moistening, unlike gummed seals. You just Peel then Seal.

Gummed Envelopes: When choosing Gummed Envelopes, also known as classic envelopes you do get a lot more choice in colour, texture, and finish. This makes it a lot easier to match your envelopes to your card, these are the most popular varieties of envelopes for this very reason.
These are the envelopes that need to be licked in order for the glue to activate. To form the bond, simply lick the entire adhesive strip and then push it down.

Which Cello Bag Is Right For Me?

All of our cello bags are ideal for exhibiting, storing, and protecting greeting cards, crafts, artwork, and photographs from everyday dirt and moisture.


These cellophane bags have a re-sealable fold-over flap making the bag quick and easy to seal.

Euro Slot Hangers:

These Cello Bags have a fold over lip at the bottom with re-seal tape and a white reinforced header punched centrally with a Euro slot, perfect for hanging on display in card or craft shops.

Plain Flaps:

These Cello Bags have a fold over plain flap (without resealing tape) which can be sealed with tape or a printed label

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